SQUEAVE IT! (wastoid) wrote,

so about about a month ago (the day before shawn shit's wedding) i moved. i'm now a block down the street...

310 Olive St.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

incase someone wants to write me. one of our roomates backed out so i've been pretty broke becaue of it. anyone wanna live with me, alex, and emily in ypsilanti? other than that i've been working a ton. trying to get a new band going with ricky. riding my bike alot. working on productive shit, and trying to get friends involved with it. the invader/boywife split 7" should be out in about 3 weeks. after that will be a 2 song 7" by city center. then maybe a 7" by bad indians or the telephone callers if they record anytime soon. that's about it. xoxo/JPQ
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