SQUEAVE IT! (wastoid) wrote,

things kinda suck right now. all my money is going directly into the court system, landlords, and putting out records. atleast one of those things is good. but yeah i'm broke and working alot and taking these stupid fucking alcohol and drug classes to clear my record. bullshit. i'm kinda miserable right now especially since it's getting nice out and my bike still isn't up and running. atleast i have tour to look forward to. we're playing with the frustrations and cheap time next tuesday at the painted lady which will be sweet. we're also playing totally awesome fest at the end of the month and have a handful of shows coming up before our tour in june with invader (if everything goes as planned). so yeah. shit sucks sometimes. hopefully i'll be back on two wheels in no time and can speed the summer drinking the cheap wine of youth. xoxo/JPQ
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