SQUEAVE IT! (wastoid) wrote,

so yeah...i turned 25 a few weeks ago. celebrated a little too hard that week. we had our first mixtape exchange and it went over well i think. as did the shrooms i took that night. claire came into town the next day to hangout and we just chilled in my room all day trippin' and listening to records. it was great to see her. i started practicing with jules and matt (super womp). jules has been teaching me some shit on the bass. i'm pumped and hope it works out so we can play alot this spring/summer. i am working at zingerman's full time now and it's awesome. fuck aubree's. other than that i've just been buying insane amounts of records and reading alot on the bus. shit is pretty tight. winter is a bummer but it's almost over. i can't wait until i can ride my bike everywhere. alright baby cobra time! xoxo/JPQ
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