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everything's okay when you're tino!

thursday will be 4 years. and i know i fucked up. i fucked up bad. i've known right from the start. and i know it's way too late to change anything. i'm lucky enough to be where i am now. no more room for improvement though. this is turning into the vaguest entry EVER! everything was brought to light this weekend though. made things more clear. more painful. i have made so many fucking mistakes in my life...why did i have to make that one?

in other news i hate my job more than ever. i'm most likely going to quit aubree's this week. i don't wanna deal with all the bullshit anymore. so i'm not going to. trips to brooklyn are in the works. thinking about heading out that way for about 4 months and see what i think. this time of the year is such a fucking bummer. i'm over it. time to go to sleep in my old bedroom. xoxo/JPQ
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