SQUEAVE IT! (wastoid) wrote,

the shit has hit the fan at work. last week i worked 67 hours and i'm scheduled for 72 this week. everything that could possibly go wrong there goes wrong every fucking day. thankfully i'm getting another raise. in other news shit is still tight. other than not being able to hangout and party as much. i love having a car again. the other night i drove eliza, matt, and jules to kzoo so super womp could play with king khan & bbq aka the best band i have ever seen live. NO JOKE. saw M.I.A. and the cool kids last week. saturday i'm finishing my xmas shopping, buying a new record player, reciever, and finally getting a new cell phone. i'm actually cleaning up my act for once. yeah. trips to nyc and miami are being planned. only a few more months. xoxo/JPQ
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