SQUEAVE IT! (wastoid) wrote,

the 411...

tonight = TheDeathSet/Girl Talk in pontiac
tomorrow = working 7am - 6pm followed by soccer at forg island
monday = delivery driving 10am - 5pm then corner brewery
tuesday = court at 8:30am followed by work at 4pm then driving to grand rapids
wednesday = hanging out with jimmy, claire, and ryan
thursday = ditto followed by driving to lansing to crash at my brothers
friday = breakfast and record stores with my bro in the morning then work at 5pm
saturday = work 7am - 6pm then?
sunday = cooking 7am - 5pm delivery driving 5pm - 11pm

+ m.i.a. and the cool kids in 2 weeks.
+ getting a cell phone (by december)
+ not going to jail.
+ visiting tons of friends.
+ girls girls girls.
+ having long hair again.

- being on probation (hopefully for only 60 days).
- paying court fees/fines.
- not being able to find a replacement for my pink hoodie aka being cold all the time.

shit rules, just like me!

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