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[16 Feb 2010|07:53am]
updating for the 1st time in 1.5 years because i've yet to download the mac equivalent to microsoft word on my new laptop yet and i needed a place to do some typing i could save. but if anyone is still out there i've moved yet again as well as changed my name. if anyone wants to write my info is...

auchie semos
11257 Old Hamburg Rd.
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189

k, bye
50 Million - Bust The Action LP
Beat Happening - You Turn Me On LP
Beat Happening - Dreamy LP
Bent Outta Shape - Stray Dog Town LP
Butthole Surfers - Rembrandt Pussyhorse LP
Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician LP
Butthole Surfers - Hairway To Steven LP
Butthole Surfers - PIOUHGD LP
Butthole Surfers - Independent Worm Saloon LP
Butthole Surfers - Electriclarryland LP
Butthole Surfers - Weird Revolution LP
Charm City Suicides - S/T LP
Chumbawamba - Pictures Of Starving Children Sell Records LP
Chumbawamba - Nevermind The Ballots LP
Dando, Evan - Baby Im Bored LP
Dead Dog - S/T LP
Dead Moon - S/T LP
Dead Moon - Crack In The System LP
Dead Moon - Strange Pray Tell LP
Dead Moon - Dead Moon Night LP
Dead Moon - Destination X LP
Dead Moon - Live Evil 2xLP
Dead Moon - Thirteen Off My Hook LP
Dead Moon - Dead Ahead LP
Dinosaur Jr. - You're Living All Over Me LP
Dinosaur Jr. - Bug LP
Dinosaur Jr. - Green Mind LP
Dinosaur Jr. - Where You Been LP
The Flaming Lips - Hit To Death In The Future Head LP
The Flaming Lips - Transmissions From The Satellite Heart LP
The Flaming Lips - Clouds Taste Metallic LP
The Flaming Lips - Zaireeka LP
Flat Duo Jets - In Stereo LP
Flat Duo Jets - Flat Duo Jets LP
Flat Duo Jets - Go Go Harlem Baby LP
Flat Duo Jets - Safari LP
Flat Duo Jets - White Trees LP
Flat Duo Jets - Introducing The Flat Duo Jets LP
Flat Duo Jets - Red Tango LP
Flat Duo Jets - Lucky Eye LP
Harvey, PJ - Dry LP
Harvey, PJ - Rid Of Me LP
Harvey, PJ - 4 Track Demos LP
Harvey, PJ - To Bring You My Love LP
Harvey, PJ - Dance Hall At Louse Point LP
Harvey, PJ - Is This Desire? LP
Harvey, PJ - Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea LP
Harvey, PJ - Uh Huh Her LP
Hickey - S/T LP
Hickey - Various States Of Disrepair LP
Insect Warfare - Evolved Into Obliteration LP
J Church - Prophylaxis LP w/bonus 7"
Jawbreaker - Unfun LP
Jawbreaker - Bivouac LP
Jawbreaker - 24 Hour Revenge Therapy LP
Jawbreaker - Dear You 2xLP
Jawbreaker - Etc... 2xLP
Killdozer - Intellectuals Are The Shoeshine Boys Of The Ruling Elite LP
Killdozer - Twelve Point Buck LP
The Lemonheads - Car.Button.Cloth. LP
The Lillingtons - Shit Out Of Luck LP
The Lillingtons - Death By Television LP
The Lillingtons - Backchannel Broadcast LP
The Lillingtons - The Too Late Show LP
The Measure (SA) - One Chapter In The Book... LP + 7"
The Mr. T Experience - Love Is Dead LP
The Mr. T Experience - Road To Ruin LP
Napalm Death - Scum LP
Napalm Death - Suffer The Children LP
Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption LP
Napalm Death - Death By Manipulation LP
Napalm Death - Utopia Banished LP
Nirvana - Nevermind LP
Nirvana - In Utero LP
Nirvana - Incesticide LP
Nirvana - Unplugged In New York LP
Nobunny - Love Visions LP
Ochs, Phil - Gunfight At Carnegie Hall LP
Onion Flavored Rings - Used To It LP
Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain LP
The Pixies - Surfer Rosa LP
The Pixies - Come On Pilgrim LP
The Pixies - The Purple Tape LP
The Pixies - At The BBC LP
The Queers - Love Songs For The Retarded LP
Ramones - Brain Drain LP
Ramones - Adios Amigos LP
The Replacements - Stink 12"
The Replacements - Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash LP
The Replacements - All Shook Down LP
Screeching Weasel - Wiggle LP
Screeching Weasel - How To Make Enemies And Irritate People LP
Sparks - A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing LP
Sparks - Terminal Jive LP
Sparks - Whomp That Sucker LP
Sparks - Music That You Can Dance To LP
Sparks - Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins LP
Sparks - Plagiarism LP
Sparks - Balls LP
Sparks - Lil' Beethoven LP
Superdrag - Regretfully Yours LP
Superdrag - Head Trip In Every Key LP
Weezer - Blue Album LP
Weezer - Pinkerton LP
The Young Adults - Helping Others LP
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[02 Sep 2008|01:10pm]
so about about a month ago (the day before shawn shit's wedding) i moved. i'm now a block down the street...

310 Olive St.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

incase someone wants to write me. one of our roomates backed out so i've been pretty broke becaue of it. anyone wanna live with me, alex, and emily in ypsilanti? other than that i've been working a ton. trying to get a new band going with ricky. riding my bike alot. working on productive shit, and trying to get friends involved with it. the invader/boywife split 7" should be out in about 3 weeks. after that will be a 2 song 7" by city center. then maybe a 7" by bad indians or the telephone callers if they record anytime soon. that's about it. xoxo/JPQ
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[08 Apr 2008|09:53pm]
things kinda suck right now. all my money is going directly into the court system, landlords, and putting out records. atleast one of those things is good. but yeah i'm broke and working alot and taking these stupid fucking alcohol and drug classes to clear my record. bullshit. i'm kinda miserable right now especially since it's getting nice out and my bike still isn't up and running. atleast i have tour to look forward to. we're playing with the frustrations and cheap time next tuesday at the painted lady which will be sweet. we're also playing totally awesome fest at the end of the month and have a handful of shows coming up before our tour in june with invader (if everything goes as planned). so yeah. shit sucks sometimes. hopefully i'll be back on two wheels in no time and can speed the summer drinking the cheap wine of youth. xoxo/JPQ
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[12 Feb 2008|07:46pm]
so yeah...i turned 25 a few weeks ago. celebrated a little too hard that week. we had our first mixtape exchange and it went over well i think. as did the shrooms i took that night. claire came into town the next day to hangout and we just chilled in my room all day trippin' and listening to records. it was great to see her. i started practicing with jules and matt (super womp). jules has been teaching me some shit on the bass. i'm pumped and hope it works out so we can play alot this spring/summer. i am working at zingerman's full time now and it's awesome. fuck aubree's. other than that i've just been buying insane amounts of records and reading alot on the bus. shit is pretty tight. winter is a bummer but it's almost over. i can't wait until i can ride my bike everywhere. alright baby cobra time! xoxo/JPQ
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WRITE ME LETTERS! [08 Jan 2008|06:00pm]
alright so i am trying to be alot more productive these days. i got a new job which i already love. pretty nicky and i are working on a mixtape/cd secret santa club type thingy in ypsi which i think it going to be fucking rad. speaking of that i am going to be sending presents out soon to a bunch of sweet dudes and sweet ladies i miss. i know i ALWAYS say it but it's going to happen rather quickly. so yeah. write me friends!

Josh Patrick Quinn
418 Olive St. #1
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

i need some new penpals and to keep better tabs with old ones. so let's do it!

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everything's okay when you're tino! [25 Dec 2007|08:29pm]
thursday will be 4 years. and i know i fucked up. i fucked up bad. i've known right from the start. and i know it's way too late to change anything. i'm lucky enough to be where i am now. no more room for improvement though. this is turning into the vaguest entry EVER! everything was brought to light this weekend though. made things more clear. more painful. i have made so many fucking mistakes in my life...why did i have to make that one?

in other news i hate my job more than ever. i'm most likely going to quit aubree's this week. i don't wanna deal with all the bullshit anymore. so i'm not going to. trips to brooklyn are in the works. thinking about heading out that way for about 4 months and see what i think. this time of the year is such a fucking bummer. i'm over it. time to go to sleep in my old bedroom. xoxo/JPQ
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[05 Dec 2007|06:33pm]
the shit has hit the fan at work. last week i worked 67 hours and i'm scheduled for 72 this week. everything that could possibly go wrong there goes wrong every fucking day. thankfully i'm getting another raise. in other news shit is still tight. other than not being able to hangout and party as much. i love having a car again. the other night i drove eliza, matt, and jules to kzoo so super womp could play with king khan & bbq aka the best band i have ever seen live. NO JOKE. saw M.I.A. and the cool kids last week. saturday i'm finishing my xmas shopping, buying a new record player, reciever, and finally getting a new cell phone. i'm actually cleaning up my act for once. yeah. trips to nyc and miami are being planned. only a few more months. xoxo/JPQ
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[10 Nov 2007|03:55pm]
the 411...

tonight = TheDeathSet/Girl Talk in pontiac
tomorrow = working 7am - 6pm followed by soccer at forg island
monday = delivery driving 10am - 5pm then corner brewery
tuesday = court at 8:30am followed by work at 4pm then driving to grand rapids
wednesday = hanging out with jimmy, claire, and ryan
thursday = ditto followed by driving to lansing to crash at my brothers
friday = breakfast and record stores with my bro in the morning then work at 5pm
saturday = work 7am - 6pm then?
sunday = cooking 7am - 5pm delivery driving 5pm - 11pm

+ m.i.a. and the cool kids in 2 weeks.
+ getting a cell phone (by december)
+ not going to jail.
+ visiting tons of friends.
+ girls girls girls.
+ having long hair again.

- being on probation (hopefully for only 60 days).
- paying court fees/fines.
- not being able to find a replacement for my pink hoodie aka being cold all the time.

shit rules, just like me!

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[03 Nov 2007|12:54am]
so crushed. the past 8 days have been so amazing. alot better than the beginning of last week. i've been hanging out with great friends. doing rad things. finishing the new issue of date shakes. hanging out with babes. doing bad things. staying up until the wee hours of the morning. chain smoking. all the best things. next week looks even better. i get my car on monday then i'll be going on tons of trips. girl talk/thedeathset in pontiac next saturday. trips to detroit/troy/grand rapids non-stop. i love it. life rules once again! xoxo/JPQ
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[27 Oct 2007|06:34pm]
so after the worst day of work in years i decided to take a nap. i woke up sometime around midnight to find out that lance hahn had passed away. for those of you who don't know who lance hahn was, he was the lead singer/guitarist of cringer and j church, and did time in monsula, jawbreaker, beck, and cilantro. he was a good friend of mine, not to mention my hero. i have been obsessed with his music for over 10 years now and had the pleasure to release a j church 7" last year. i totally lost it and this week has been so fucking terrible. i keep eating ritalin and diazapam to numb myself from the way i feel. i tried to make it to the funeral but work and money got in the way. i really don't know what else to say. lance hahn was my god.

R.I.P. my friend!

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[20 Oct 2007|05:19pm]
the past few weeks have been awesome. just hanging out with friends and working a bunch. i also managed to visit my parents and see off with their heads, nothington, traffic and weather, and defiance ohio who were all amazing. especially my parents. in the next couple weeks i'm going to see pretty boy thorson & the falling angels, cortez the killer, girl talk, thedeathset, m.i.a., and the cool kids. i miss going to shows all the time. i get a car next week which will help me get to said shows. the past few days i've been taking a break from drinking and i think i might stop for a month. just drink alot of coffee and read alot instead. i need it. i finally paid off niki and we're friends again. i paid my cellphone debt too. i think i'm going to buy a new coffee maker now for my room. later.
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[08 Oct 2007|03:22pm]
a little taste of this weekend...

drinking warm gin at 11am
transporting 5 cases of sparks from my work to 410 via mopeds aka sparks all over adams st.
free pizza
killer ypsi ride
insane party at 310 full of hedgecore, making out with everyone, hogties, and sleeping in a bathtub

100+ people eating breakfast at double eagle
chill sesh at 310 w/jim & ben
costume party
naked mopeders riding down the street
making out with over 20 people
everyone getting laid like it was a night at the pit

drinking schlitz at 10am
double eagle breakfast repeat
brunch show at the golden cat
strawberry rhubarb homebrew
being way too drunk
all you can eat vegan food
friendly conversation at 310
bedtime early

this week...
taking a fucking break!
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[05 Oct 2007|11:18am]
work sucked the fucking life out of me this week. 46 hours in 4 days. 40 of those hour were in the past 3 days. i feel like a zombie right now. i have the whole weekend off for red october 4 (the guns moped rally) and right now i don't even care. i've been looking forward to this weekend for a few months and now i just want to lay in my bed and enjoy my days off. not house 20+ people and most likely turn into a drunk mess 3 days in a row. i'll probably be in a better mood after i eat some lunch and have a beer. ohhh kid loco and i went to the terrible twos/jat reatard show the other night and it fucking ripped so fucking hard. i sported major wood all night.
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[28 Sep 2007|10:54am]
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[24 Sep 2007|12:52pm]
another long work week filled with blunts to the face. saturday was a huge going away party for nicole, stacy p, theresa, jim, emily, and curtis at 310. i managed to blackout around 2am but that didn't stop me from dancing my ass off, jumping on timmy's bed for hours, and i guess wrestling with people since i woke up on the floor covered in bruises and sore as fuck. work was worse than ever since steeler nation is back. afterwords i finally made it to soccer and played my ass off. i feel like i got hit by a train today. but it was totally worth it. i love the exercise, not to mention the awesome team pictures we took yesterday. xoxo/JPQ

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[19 Sep 2007|01:11pm]
the 411...

+ giant haystacks rip so much. i cannot stop listening to them and wishing i was their drummer.
+ i'm totally crushed on someone right now.
+ ypsilanti still fucking rules to no end.
+ saturday night i got very very and fell on my ass breaking the pint in my back pocket which lead to me grabbing a handfull of broken glass and ripping my fingers apart. thank god for electrical tape, the only band-aid that lasts.
+ the vegan pizza i made for scott and amber last night totally tops any vegan pizza i've ever had. the co-op's orange peppers kill.
+ underground sound has been keeping me happy all week. best new vinyl store in the area.
+ the new shellshag and king louie & the loose diamonds albums are totally in my top 10 of 2007, probably the top 2.
+ work is still awesome even though i fucking live there.
+ olive st. is the best st. i've ever live on, my neighbors are top shelf.
+ red october 4 is only 16 days away!
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[12 Sep 2007|02:44pm]
amber and i decided last minute to go to detroit last night for the M.I.A./Bjork show at the fox theater. it was so fucking awesome to say the least. thankfully amber bankrolled me a bottle of wine, a ride, the $40 ticket, and a $7 beer. friday is going to be the mother of all paydays so i can tie up my loose ends. i'm going to try and pull some shady shift covering tonight so we can go to hamtramck friday night to see the mahonies and holy shit! i am crossing my fingers it works out to my advantage because i am dying to see eric apnea again. i'm also planning on doing a total makeover this weekend with my paycheck. new clothes, shoes, cassette deck, reciever, etc... ypsilanti is so fucking perfect right now. i found out i make too much money to get food stamps in washtenaw county which sucks, but it was also nice to find out that i'm pretty much making $29,000 a year before taxes. i cannot wait until i start working at fishbones in the spring, then i'll really be ballin'! time for work and then maybe soccer.
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[06 Sep 2007|03:47pm]
the past week has been in-tents! last thursday i ended up spending the night in jail. not as bad as i thought it would be but i would have rather spent the night in my bed with hannah like i originally planned. friday i worked a 14 hour shift upon my release. saturday kid loco and i went up to lansing for my brothers 30th birthday. record shopping, dinner with the rents, and drinking listening to records all night. found out that my next door neighbor growing up was in a motorcycle accident at work and was in a coma. my mom visited him in the hospital and did some healing touch work on him. *found out today from joe davis that the doctors are expecting a full recovery which is amazing since last week they were about to pull the plug*. sunday i did my typical 8 to 6 shift and then went riding out to a2 with the moped army. killer ride bombing parking structures and kicking tires and telling lies. monday was our work party at rolling hills. free booze and disc golfing. managed to steal a few 5ths and we ended up scoring a free keg of frog island. after party at lyndsays. tuesday was another 14 hour shift. yesterday i weaseled outta work by 8pm. porch party at 310 last night. tons of goosebumps and rl stein talk. blazed to the face. today is my day off aka house cleaning party. in the next 5 days i have to attend 2 funerals which is a mega bummer. the good news is that i finally unpacked and set up my room so i can FINALLY start writing back my penpals and send the mixtapes and presents that i've been meaning to send for 4 months. aka rachel it's on it's way. my mailbox has been way too empty lately so send me some shit kids! xoxo/JPQ

current playlist...

girl talk
pretty boy thorson & the falling angels
johnny hobo & the freight trains
team gina
dirty projectors
jay reatard
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[29 Aug 2007|10:33pm]
so last night was the first "party" at 310 olive since scott/timmy/alex moved in with amber. such an amazing time. the highlight of me moving back to ypsilanti happened when amber played 4 in the morning by gwen stefani for me on the piano. seriously fucking amazing. the piano/guitar cat power cover by kid loco/amber/eliza was pretty amazing as well. i fucking love ypsilanti, especially the fact that we own olive street. tonight we're partying at sidetracks for justin's birthday. tomorrow is going to be fucking rough.
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[27 Aug 2007|02:50pm]
new tattoos.
releasing new records.
new title at work.
new (used) moped.
new (used) car.
running every day.
loving ypsilanti 24/7.
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